Are you interested in having fun while working out and getting in shape? 

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     If you answered YES, then Elite Urban Fitness Group Classes are for you!  
     We offer Early Morning Weekday, Early Evening Weekday, Noon, & Saturday Sessions!  Elite Urban Fitness
     proudly serves the Greater Fairbanks, Alaska Area!  

     Join one of our personal group training classes NOW~ it's like NO OTHER group class you've ever attended!!!  You are getting personal training in a group setting but aren't paying the average $50 - $60 or more an hour for it!  Our group class rates are THE BEST around ~ we offer top notch service at an affordable rate because we TRULY want this type of training to be available to EVERYONE!  
     Our workouts efficiently use your whole body while providing a fun and effective way to GET In Shape, and
     STAY In Shape!  Every workout is different, so you'll never be bored!  Elite Urban Fitness Group Personal 
     Training Classes offer varied levels of training that is guaranteed to get you the results you want.  

     Some Reasons To Join A Fitness Program:
  • you want to get fit but don't know where to start
  • you need some motivation & support
  • you need a structured program 
  • you enjoy working out with others & making new friends
  • you are more successful if you are committed to a short term goal
  • you want fun, varied, & effective workouts
  • you need help making better nutrition choices

Simply Speaking...
Elite Urban Fitness will not only provide you a highly effective fitness program,
but we will assist you with nutrition, goal setting, planning, motivation, and accountability.

If this sounds like the workout for you and you are ready to Make Some Fitness Goals and Achieve them then
 Join Now!  Working out is even more fun with friends so grab your spouse, family member, neighbor, 
co-worker and join together!  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!